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RMB Tour provides private and highly personalized city tour services with customized and diversified itineraries ititneraries, and also interpreting and consulting services to business people, tourists and expats in São Paulo. Our main objective is to welcome our tourists and business visitors in such a way that they feel comfortable and confident in our services, while gaining a rich understanding of the history, culture, and attractions that the city of São Paulo has to offer.

Private city tours, highly personalized and much more...

Providing you with informational and entertaining tours of the city of São Paulo and surrounding areas.

Stress-free environment with a bilingual tour guide.

Your safety and comfort are top priorities.

Photo opportunities, coffee and lunch breaks can be coordinated with your tour guide at your convenience.

Air conditioned, comfortable vehicles will be provided that are large enough to conveniently accommodate your party.

We will work within your time constraints; however, we do recommend that your tour be scheduled between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to avoid rush hour in São Paulo.


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I had been visiting my cousin in São Paulo this past weekend and he recommended this tour here. I went on a solo tour with Renata and it was one of the best tours I have ever been on. I've been to many cities around the world and this one exceeded all expectations. Renata knows about all of the history of the city and country she loves so much and it shows when she had me see all of the major sites around São Paulo. I had no idea about the history of Brazil and now I think I'm an expert- that's how engaging Renata is and the amount of knowledge she has.

She even accommodated bringing me to a fútbol stadium because I told her I love soccer!

I have already recommended this tour to my cousin and all of his friends and will tell anyone I know traveling to Brazil to do this tour. Even if you live in São Paulo you should do this tour!

Thank you Renata! Obrigada!

Tommy Mulroy

My wife and I had the pleasure of taking a tour of some of sights of central Sao Paulo last Friday with Renata Manreza. To give you some perspective on this recommendation, my wife was an advisor for the large retrospective of Spanish Colonial Art organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2007, and I am a professor emeritus of City Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. We have both traveled extensively in Latin America, Europe, and East Asia.

Senhora Manreza is well-informed about the history of Brazil in general, and of Sao Paulo, specifically. She introduced us to the Museum of Contemporary Art, showed us the historical center of SP at the Jesuit Colegio de Sao Paulo, and spent a lot of time with us at the Museu de Arte Sacra de SP. Throughout the five hours we were together, she demonstrated her knowledge of Brazilian history, the complexities of the Portuguese language, and the details of Brazilian religious art. We are hoping to see her again if we have time and will certainly recommend her enthusiastically to our English-speaking friends who are contemplating a trip to the Sao Paulo area.

Best regards,

John and Ana Maria Keene

Señora Renata Manreza Barroso, Receptive Service RMB : Tour Guide - Interpreter - Consultant, Agradezco su trabajo tan profesional como guía sobre la historia y cultura de Brasil y la ciudad de São Paulo, pues ello genera en el turista extranjero un acercamiento a este maravilloso país y un reconocimiento de la ciudad más grande de Suramérica Cordialmente, Profesor Investigador Jesús Hemberg Duarte Vargas, Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia

Foi ótimo o passeio, a guia foi excelente e o motorista muito atencioso. Meu pai queria muito leva-los no museu do futebol, todos adoraram a alteração do roteiro. Muito obrigada pelo carinho e pela atenção. Foi acima das expectativas mesmo com o tempo ruim. Leandra Dias

Afirmo que a Agência RMB é de total confiança e nos proporcionou um city tour em São Paulo em família simplesmente maravilhoso . A guia Renata é muito competente e nota 10 com louvor porque conhece toda história de São Paulo , muito simpática e atenciosa. Ficamos todos satisfeitos. Transporte confortável e preço justo. Vale a pena.Nós agradecemos .Foi maravilhoso nota 10 com louvor.

Helena CMA

Thank you, Renata. The group all said it was a great thing to do and appreciated getting to know the city before they had to return home. You are very knowledgeable and I will recommend your services to future groups who visit from our company.

Kelli Howell, MS

Director, Clinical Resources|NuVasive®, Inc.|Creative Spine Technology

San Diego|CA

Thanks for the the brilliant organization and the very interesting sightseeing tour through the history of Sao Paulo.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Andreas Hömberger

Senior Manager

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Dear Renata,

Through this impersonal letter I wanted to thank you for the excellent services you provided to me and indirectly to my Philips Company by means of being on several occasions my local travel guide and company advisor re expatriate conditions including living environment.

You were of great help to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the programs set up by you and the personal touch you gave it.

The most I appreciated the tour to Paraty and its region helping me to much better understand the roots of Brazil and to see real Brazil rather than just the concrete blocks of the big cities. To that extent I enclosed a picture of my visit to that chapel of "Embu das Artes".

My compliments and I have no hesitation to recommend your agency to others as one of the better ones including your perfect understanding of the English language.

I wish you the best of luck and success for your future,

With kind regards,

Geert A.M. van Heumen

Eindhoven - Netherlands

Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I enjoyed your city tour of Sao Paulo. You were very knowledgeable and had a lot of interesting facts to share about your country and the City of Sao Paulo, and I appreciated your humor and wit and honesty. Thank you very much.

Best Wishes,

Jay Bosshardt

Tenho enviando alguns clientes a você e o feedback tem sido ótimo. As pessoas me ligam para perguntar como era mesmo o nome da empresa e dizer que adoraram o serviço.

Celina Sampaio

Office Manager

The American Society Sao Paulo

It was a great pleasure seeing you again and working with you. Without you we could not have had such an interesting and engaging program. You are a credit to the city of Sao Paulo. Thanks very very much again.

Ayse Y. Evrensel, Ph.D.

Department of Economics and Finance

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Edwardsville, IL 62026-1102

I arrived as an expat in Sao Paulo from Houston, Texas, knowing really nothing about Sao Paulo or Brazil. After spending several hours in traffic my first day, my initial impression of Sao Paulo was not favorable. I decided to take a city tour with RMB and had Renata as my guide. I was very impressed with Renata's knowledge of the history of Sao Paulo and Brazil. She showed me some wonderful sights and also gave me some good practical advice about living in Sao Paulo. Her advice made it easier for me to find a place to live and adjust to the city. I would highly recommend RMB to any expat wanting to get familiar quickly with the city.

Ed Cole

Hola Renata...fue un placer conocerla. Muchas gracias por las múltiples enseñanzas sobre la historia y la cultura de tan hermosa ciudad "Sao Paulo". Es evidente que tiene un amplio conocimiento sobre la ciudad. Fue una gran experiencia para mi esposo y para mí. Mil gracias por sus servicios.

Norbelly Cuellar - Colômbia

Bom dia, Renata. Gostamos muito do teu atendimento ontem. Quando tivermos oportunidade de voltar, certamente te procuraremos para agendar outros passeios. Um ótimo ano pra você também! Abraço!

Ana Cristina Vidal

Querida Renata,

Queria agradecer muito seu esforço em nos levar hoje no tour de Sao Paulo. Achei ótimo, e a informação que você nos ofereceu foi perfeita. Com certeza os meninos aproveitaram, mesmo se nem sempre mostraram interesse.

Me desculpe a correria no final, mas eu não tinha muita escolha de quando fazer, e estou super feliz de ter feito, mesmo se foi mais curto do que o seu normal. Obrigada!

Um abraço,

Maya Haegler

Thank you for the beautiful day and for your time! and for showing me the goodies of St. Paul!

I hope to see you soon in Italy

un abbraccio


Agradezco el agradable momento en la visita por Sao Paulo en buena compañía

Saludos y muchas gracias por los buenos deseos

Gavi - Peru

We appreciate your kind service and so detail introduction of the city San Paulo. Although it was my fourth time here, your talking gave me more learning about it.

Once we go to San Paulo again, we will contact you if we need city tour or translation service.

Kind regards!

Greg Liu

Export Manager

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.

We would like to thank you again for the excellent tour and your cordiality. We very much enjoyed the tour. When we return the next time to Brazil we would like to get in touch with you for travel arrangements to the coast of the state of Sao Paolo.

Kind regards

Heiner and Lisa

Thank you so much for a wonderful day. I had a great time and learned a lot about Sao Paolo. It was a really fun day. Thank you again.

Maria Tolchinsky:: Senior Global Marketing Manager, Innovation

Dear Renata, What a delight to meet you and Marcello. And there was absolutely no trouble at the airport. I will spread the good word about your service in Sao Paulo. You really saved the day for me.

Bruce C. Horten, M.D.

Medical Director

Integrated Oncology-New York

You were lovely and so enjoyed you showing us Sao Paolo. What a beautiful city.


Anne Fitzpatrick

You were an amazingly good and patient guide! We learned so very much from you…not the least of which was shopping savy! It was a marvelous three days…we saw and did so very much that it truly seemed like ten days! Sao Paulo is wonderful …from the perspective you gave us! So loved our lunch at the outside museum cafe!

Too much of a good thing…can be WONDERFUL!

All best,

Barbara Sieg

Thank You so much for the beautiful pictures, and Thank You most especially for an incredible tour of beautiful Sao Paulo.

It was wonderful to learn about the history of this great city and to visit memorable places.

We have been raving about you to our colleagues!

It was truly a pleasure to meet you and thank you again for wonderful tour.

Best regards,
Lorraine Niba, PhD :: Global Director, Nutrition

Thank you for a REAL, REAL nice touring day.

Tsur Bunim


For the tour, the lessons, and your generosity of time and spirit! Also the pictures are great. Thanks again for the wonderful tour and of course if I know anyone travelling to São Paulo , I will send them to you!

All the best,

Sharon Bunim

Hi Renata, I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. Nice to be in touch. Thanks, Guillermo "Working for a Global Corporation, I had the opportunity to visit Sao Paulo. We asked around and several people recommended Renata's services as a Professional Tourism person. We were delighted with her services , knowledge of the City and her friendly Personality ."

Gracias! Hemos disfrutado mucho el agradable tour que hemos hecho

Joaquín Cabane

I just wanted to thank your for being such a great host and guide during my visit to Sao Paulo! I felt very lucky that you were the one chosen to be my interpreter.

If you are ever planning to visit Southern California again, please let me know. I would be happy to return the favor and be your tour guide.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


Thank you again for everything. You are very gracious with your time, and we appreciate it very much. You are an amazing guide! We are sad that we could not stay longer in São Paulo. São Paulo is such a wonderful city. We underestimated how much we would enjoy São Paulo, and we Will be back !~

Thank you again.

Steffanie & Eric Evans

Embu das Artes me encantou com seu criativo e belo artesanato, gastronomia e com música ao vivo nos quatro cantos. Gostei muito e vou recomendar este passeio aos meus amigos.

Fabíola Lousada

Fortaleza, CE

My family and I really enjoyed your tour on Sunday. I referred you to my colleagues at Texas Instruments, Ming Yu and Robert Taylor. They are planning a tour with you on tomorrow. We look forward to seeing you next time we are in town. Take care.

Best regards,


As we prepare to leave Sao Paulo this morning, Steve and I wanted to thank you for making our last evening a very nice and pleasant one.

We had a great time and very much enjoyed the view at the Terrace Italia. The place was so romantic that we wanted to stay the entire night there :)

I hope to see you again in another visit to Sao Paulo and will make sure to recommend you with other clients and colleagues.

Muito obrigada!!


Saturday was a very good tour and I got very good overview of that huge city.

Renata is a very charming lady and knows the town and the history very well. It was so nice to be with her and you might understand that time passed too fast for me!

I promised Renata to send you a pic from her as you know each other by phone contact and I am happy to do it right now.

Walter Sievi

Lugano, Switzerland

This is Siew Yen from Singapore. I was in Brazil Rhodia office in August. Thanks for the nice tour you had given us. I really liked Brazil. :)

Thank so much for your tour, without it my trip to Brasil won't be so completed and wonderful. And it is not just about the professionalizm but your personality as well!! Thank you!

I told all my friends about my trip (and I have a lot of them) - let them contemplate it :-))

I still can't catch my daughter to take a picture of her in new boots. They fitted perfectly and I want to show you that. But I will get her somehow!!

Keep in touch

By the way, you look wonderfully on the pictures :-)))

Hi to your son! And hope to see you again some time in the future


Renata, our hired tour guide from RMB, was well informed and has a genuine interest in her clients. She is gracious and friendly, yet aggressive enough to get us where we wanted to go. We received excellent personal service from her and would definitely call on her again.

Thank you,

Lorin & Robin Smith

Los Angeles, CA

O nosso evento foi um sucesso graças a parceiros como vocês, com um profissionalismo impecável.

Às equipes, os nossos parabéns e até um próximo evento!

Grande abraço,

Carmen Silvia, Rodrigo e André

S² Criação

Just a quick note to say we certainly enjoyed our tour of Sao Paulo with you last week ! We are still recuperating after the 12 hour flight to Canada. Sylvia & Claude did indeed, give your business card to the Embassy staff in Sao Paulo with some very positive comments about you. I do hope we meet again in the very near future. You are one very classy lady ! Again, thank you.

Peter Pollock

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Te copio unas fotos como recuerdo de nuestro viaje a Sao Paulo con nuestro agradecimiento por el buen trato, amabilidad y las explicaciones que nos diste de la historia de tu bello pais.

Un abrazo,

Miguel Angel.


You were my tour guide in Sao Paulo and how knowledgeable you were about Brazilian history and culture. He asked me about my daily activities and was quite surprised when i told him about the number of sites and activities that you provided me with in a few short days. He said i was very lucky to have you for a tour guide and i agreed with him whole heartedly but of course you know this already.

Wish you continued success in with your travel business. Chow! Chow!


Chicago, US

Hi Renata,

Thanks again for your wonderful assistance and tour at Sao Paulo!

Margaret Baggerly

RMS International

San Francisco, CA 94112 USA

I thank you very much for your generosity in affording me an excellent service in doing all the interpretations on my business meetings. I could have not chosen a better qualified person other than you. You have a magnetic personality which made it easier for me as well as all the business people we met. I made an excellent recommendation about you to the U.S. Commercial Service personnel. I really enjoyed your company and I was very grateful for that and our quick authentic Brazilian Lunch and also for bringing me to the Pao de Azucar supermarket. I heard horror stories from the other people about their experience with their interpreters. I was very fortunate to have you. had a great time in Sao Paulo. I enjoyed the Rodizio, Churrascaria feast. I was able to try the Feijoada that Wednesday and I was glad to try it at the Bolinha Restaurante. Our lunch at the Casa de Fazenda do Morumbi was also a Gastronomique experience. Thank you also for taking us to all the places and the Mall. I am enjoying listening to the CD"s from the music of Brazil. I love the Samba, Bossa Nova, Bahia, Axxe, Pagode, Fogia music and the Latin Beat. I have a Spanish blood in me, that is why I love all the music. How I wish we all could have gone dancing. Graciella kept on planning on it but we never did go to one.

I will need your help whenever I will be there in Sao Paulo. The culture in Brazil is unique. I would like to learn more.

Please keep in touch!

With warm regards,

Ed Hernando

Thank you for your e-amil and your kind help when we were in Brazil. Now I just got back to my office today and i will always keep in mind the pleasant trip in Brazil together with you. Please contact us once you have the oppotunity to visit China and we will surely inform you once we visited Brazil next time.

Thanks again and please keep in touch!

Best Rgds!

Ma Jianbo

Dear Renata,

Thank you for a very interesting tour today our only regret is that we ran out of time (and weather), also your note with the restaurant recommendations. I hope that we can use your services again if not on this trip then the next one.

This is my first visit to Brasil and after only 3 days I can assure you it will NOT be my last. As promised I will provide you with details of my plan for a return visit in September 2004 (hopefully) with an organised group of UK and American cyclists.

Many thanks

Arthur & Judy

Just a short note to thank you for providing intetpreter services during my visit to Sao Paulo. Our product range is a specialised one and the technical terms are difficult to translate but you handled it very well.

Should I need a translator (or guide) on a further trip to Sao Paulo I will be sure to call you.

Best Regards

Kevin Skipper

Southern Steel Company

Dear Renata,

with ref. of our Trip on last Saturday will send you the picture from Wolfgang and you from the garden of SAO Paulo.

Thanks for the the brilliant organization and the very interesting sightseeing tour through the history of SAO Paulo.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Andreas Hömberger

Senior Manager

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Friedrichshafen, Deutschland / Germany

July of 2011, my family and I travelled to Brazil and while in Sao Paulo Renata Barroso of RMB Tours was our guide. Renata was really great; she was very knowledgeable and thorough in her explanation of sites and history of Sao Paulo. Renata showed us all the traditional sites of Sao Paulo, but what I really liked was going to the non-Tourist areas, so we could get total view of what Sao Paulo is like for residents as well as for tourists.

Finally, Renata was not just a tour guide to me and my family, by the time our tour was over we really felt like we had a new friend in Brazil.


Bruce L. Hunter

Jacksonville, FL USA

Many thanks again for a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable tour on Tuesday. I feel we covered a lot in a short time.

I have mentioned you to a number of colleagues in the bank, BNP Paribas. Everyone was very interested. The head of the territory has taken your details and his office may contact you about a future visit of my boss's boss, Jean Clamon. I hope they use you.

Best of luck with everything and thanks again.

Kind regards

Sarah Docx

Quiero agradecer todo el paseo y los momentos compartidos con mi madre, ella quedó encantada. Por favor hazle saber a Katia lo mismo y dile que afortunadamente el cuadro que compre llegó bien a Venezuela, a pesar de todos los inconvenientes que tuve en el Aeropuerto porque para poder sacar el cuadro de Buenos Aires necesitaba un permiso especial del Ministerio de Cultura y eso lo vine a sabe horas antes de embarcar a mi vuelo, total que afortunadamente me permitieron sacarlo del país sin ese permiso.

Un saludo para las dos, y estamos en contacto.


Yosmar Estrada

Gracias por el lindo tour que tuvimos contigo ya que captaste muy bien lo que deseábamos conocer y saber. Brasil es un país tan grande, variado y bello que esperamos poder visitarlo nuevamente. Si en algún momento te decides a conocer el Perú no dejes de comunicarte con nosotros.

Un afectuoso saludo,

Ricardo y Rosi Cortez

Thanks for the extraordinary tour your offered me during my short staying in Sao Paolo a couple of week ago, I enjoyed the ride very much and appreciate your gentle treatment.

I will recommend your services to my colleagues for future needs.

I was impressed about Sao Paolo, and I really liked it.

I whish I could have eaten these pieces of bread you call "pastel", but my stomach was not quite ready after my couple of adventures in the churrasquerias.

My best regards

Mauricio Gamez


Sulzer Pumps Houston Inc.

I and Aliya would like to thank you for a pleasant tour you made for us. It was great to become a Paulistanos for a moment. Best regards, Eldar.

How are you! I am Greg Liu, one of the three tourists of you this morning. We appreciate your kind service and so detail introduction of the city San Paulo. Althrough it was my fouth time to here, your talking gave me more learning about it.

Once we go to San Paulo again, we will contact you if we need city tour or translation service.

Kind regards!

Greg Liu

Export Manager

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.


I want to thank you for your kind help when we were in Sao Paolo and you showed this beautiful city. I am sending you some of the pictures we took.

Thank you and best regards,

Igor, Norman, Franchesco”

Quero informá-los tambem que fomos atendidos com a mesma presteza e profissinalismo, pela Helimarte Taxi Aereo e pela Renata, representante da empresa, RMB Tour, que acompanhou o hospede e sua senhora com muita simpatia e competencia.


Claudia Oliveira


Agradezco el agradable momento en la visita por Sao Paulo en buena compañía

Saludos y muchas gracias por los buenos deseos

Gavi – Peru

You did a great job as our guide and we really enjoyed our stay in Sao Paulo thanks in large part to you. We hope to return to Brazil one day in the future.

We both enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you in California soon.

Many thanks,


We used a really nice and good guide in Sao Paulo that we would like to recommend to you and all of Yes Travel. Her name is Renata Manreza Barroso and her email address is rmbcitytour@rmbcitytour.com Renata is very knowledgeable about the history of Sao Paulo and Brazil and we found her to be great fun as well. She helped make our time in Sao Paulo much more interesting and educational.

Otto Becker

Thank you again. Hopefully you will come and visit me in Southern California some time. There is a chance I may be back in Brazil. If so, I will notify you.

You are really a "gem" of Brazil and a dear person. Thank you for sharing S-P with me.

Regards, Andy

Thank you!! I really enjoyed seeing the city this morning and only regret that our time was short. I look forward to going on another tour soon.

Can you tell me what your web site address is? I want to review our trip and tell my friends everything I now know about Sao Paulo



Quanto ao tour foi maravilhoso e todas gostamos muito. Com certeza estarei recomendando seus serviços ao Crowne e a todos que precisarem de um city tour interessante.

Muito obrigada Renata. Você realmente foi fantástica!

Um grande abraço,


Air Canada