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RMB Tour provides private and highly personalized city tour services with customized and diversified itineraries ititneraries, and also interpreting and consulting services to business people, tourists and expats in São Paulo. Our main objective is to welcome our tourists and business visitors in such a way that they feel comfortable and confident in our services, while gaining a rich understanding of the history, culture, and attractions that the city of São Paulo has to offer.

Private city tours, highly personalized and much more...

Providing you with informational and entertaining tours of the city of São Paulo and surrounding areas.

Stress-free environment with a bilingual tour guide.

Your safety and comfort are top priorities.

Photo opportunities, coffee and lunch breaks can be coordinated with your tour guide at your convenience.

Air conditioned, comfortable vehicles will be provided that are large enough to conveniently accommodate your party.

We will work within your time constraints; however, we do recommend that your tour be scheduled between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to avoid rush hour in São Paulo.


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About Us

RMB Tour was established in 2002 to provide expert city tours and other receptive and interpretive services. We specialized in helping business expatriates and their families become familiar with life in São Paulo. We specializedoffer support to our clients through private and personalized services in accordance with our client’s interests and schedules. We also provide the following services: customized itineraries to schools and universities, interpreting services at business meetings, assistance at trade fairs and special events, hotel reservations, transfers in/out of airports and hotels in São Paulo, and assistance to expats and their families regarding neighborhood selection and advice, house hunting, locating schools for the children and generally helping families become acclimated to living in São Paulo.

We have a highly qualified team of professional guides and expert translators to best assist you and your employer or company.